Victorious Images Carries Garments from the Following Companies:

CIRCAID/MEDI -  Juxtalite Velcro Wraps from Foot to Thigh

JOBST/ BSN - FarrowWrap -  Velcro Wraps from Foot to Thigh  & Hand to Arm 

JUZO  -  Sleeves - Colors & Prints with Matching  Gauntlet/Glove, Stockings from Calf to Pantyhose

PRAIRIEWEAR HUGGERS - Bras for Post Surgery Compression or Everyday Wear

SIGVARIS -  Classy Socks for Men & Women,  Larger Variety  of Sizes in Stockings to Pantyhose 

SOLARIS -  Nighttime Garments from  Head to Toes,  Swell Spot Pads for Specific Targeting 



There are varying medical reasons for having edema or lymphedema, 

but once you have it is a life time condition.

It is up to you and your physician on the best way to treat it.  Edema or Lymphedema can be found most anywhere on the body. If you have certain medical problems such as diabetes, have had radiation, etc. talk to your physician about the chances of it developing. Become familiar with the early signs of edema or lymphedema as related to their different causing conditions.

Compression garments can be crucial for the containment of either problem but should be discussed with your physician before wearing.  

Victorious Images offers custom fittings for compression garments in Williamsburg.