Breast Prosthesis Explained

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I come in to be fitted for garments to wear after my mastectomy ?

             A:  We recommend you come visit us prior to your surgery, preferably as soon as you know you are having surgery. We can help educate you on what to expect after surgery and be fitted with your post-surgical garments.  These are designed for use in the initial stages of recovery. The garment discreetly holds the drainage bulbs in place and, if needed, has a foam prosthesis to give you shape and form on the surgery side(s). These garments are worn until the drainage tubes are removed and until the healing process is complete,  We would like to meet you, know your needs prior to a fitting, and see if we can be of help through the complete process.

Q: What type of bra can I wear after breast surgery?

A:  During the healing process, you should continue to wear your post-surgical garments. 

After healing is complete and you come for your first fitting, you will be shown a variety of bras. Here at Victorious Images we carry a large selection of bras from three to four different companies. We have seamless cup, molded cup, lace cup, front closure, along with leisure-sleep bras and more. You will be pleased with the choices we have to offer. 


Q:  Is it really necessary to wear a prosthesis after a mastectomy?

       A: Wearing a breast prosthesis is about more than just looking symmetrical. It plays an important role in your health and recovery. If you had a single mastectomy, your body is now unbalanced due to the loss of breast tissue on one side of your body. With this loss, you may encounter balance problems, leaning toward your natural side which can cause back problems, along with shoulder and neck discomfort. The prosthesis is specially designed to re-balance and re-align the body as it was before the mastectomy. It can also help with preventing shoulder drop, spinal curvature, and other structural problems with your body being unbalanced after a mastectomy.


Q: What should I expect during the prosthesis and/or bra fitting?

         A:  Our caring certified fitter will discuss with you what products may be the most beneficial for you and that reflect your lifestyle. She will professionally measure your torso and remaining breast for the proper size. If you had a bi-lateral mastectomy, you can choose which cup size you would like. She will then have you try on different bras and breast prostheses to achieve your best balance and symmetry. You are free to choose a bra style and color of your choice. Your fitter will work with you to help make the best decisions. You will try the selected items with your own clothing on to be sure you are balanced and happy with the results. Your fitter will respect your wishes and privacy during the fitting. 

  Q: How soon after breast surgery can I wear a breast prosthesis?

          A:  If you visited Victorious Images before your surgery, you received post-surgical garments which you should continue to wear for about 3 - 4 weeks. Once you are completely healed, you can be fitted with your silicone prosthesis and fashionable mastectomy bras. The prosthesis will have the natural shape and feel of breast tissue.

Q: Will my insurance pay for the bras and prosthesis?

       A:  Medicare approves a prosthesis every two years and bras on as-needed basis. Most private insurances do have coverage for these items, but each company is different. We recommend calling your insurance for verification before you come for your appointment. "The Women's Health Care Act of 1998" requires all insurances have coverage for breast prosthesis, bras, breast reconstruction, and any lymph-edema complications related to a mastectomy.  BUT  Congress has exempted many insurance companies including Medicare.  You will have out of pocket expenses if you have not met your deductible or if you purchase an item priced over the "customary" coverage amount. These amounts need to be paid at time of receipt of garments. 

Q: Do you accept other methods of payments?

A:  Yes, we accept major credit cards.  Also, you can apply for CareCredit ( a healthcare credit card).

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